Based on the letter dated 08.10.2021 and numbered E-83500348-100-53732, the UZEM account information (username and password) to be used for Video Quality Evaluation of the instructors assigned to the Video Quality Evaluation Commission by the units was sent to their institutional e-mails. 1191- They can get support from Engineer Ahu Ergün Saydam.

Video Quality Evaluation Commission; It evaluates the videos taken in the programs and made ready for uploading to the system at certain intervals and evaluates them according to the quality standards in Sinop University’s Procedures and Principles for the Application of Distance Education Courses. Provides coordination with the relevant instructors in editing and changing the relevant videos when necessary. If requested, they provide the necessary information about video quality evaluation to the requesting unit.

You can access the video quality evaluation standards from the “Video Quality Evaluation Form” in the button below.