Sinop University Distance Education Application and Research Center (SINUZEM) was established on January 5, 2015 with the regulation published in the Official Newspaper. It started its activities in the Fall Semester of the 2018 Academic Year with the teaching of Atatürk’s Principles and History of the Revolution and Turkish Language courses via distance education. Our center, which is increasing its activities day by day, also gives the common compulsory courses in Basic Information Technologies and Foreign Language English through distance education. In addition, Computer Programming Distance Education Associate Degree Program was also opened. Our center continues its activities on the first floor of the Rectorate building. Additionally, there are SINUZEM shooting studios in different units of our university. There are 3 studios in our center. Two of these studios are used for shooting and one is for exam duplication and reading.

  • Studio 1 – Shooting Studio: 1 Computer, 1 Webcam, 1 Microphone, 1 Green Screen
  • Studio 2 – Measurement and Evaluation Studio: 1 Computer, 1 Printing Machine, 1 Optical Form Reader
  • Studio 4 – Shooting Studio: 1 Computer, 1 Web Camera, 1 Microphone, 1 Green Screen, 1 Lightboard (Text Screen), 1 External Shooting Camera

The other 18 shooting studios are different units of our university. There are 1 computer, 1 webcam, 1 microphone, 1 green screen, 1 light source and 1 whiteboard in these shooting studios.

Main Objectives of the Center:

  • It aims to develop programs based on communication and information technologies in associate, undergraduate, graduate, undergraduate completion and adult education, and to support the programs given formally at the university with these technologies.

  • Reaching wider and different audiences in meeting the education demand with the associate degree, undergraduate completion, undergraduate and graduate programs planned to be opened.

  • To provide associate degree graduates working in different institutions with the opportunity to renew themselves through undergraduate completion programs

  • Contributing to the training of qualified personnel in the region by providing trainings in line with the needs of individuals working in the public and private sectors in our region with certificate programs.

  • Realizing life-long learning, which is the basic philosophy of today, and increasing the efficiency of human beings, one of the main production factors of economies, through graduate and other programs, to accelerate development.

  • Playing an active role in conducting the education-training activities of the formal education programs that exist with the distance education program independently of the place and in delivering them to large masses.

  • Developing and implementing web-based teaching materials for courses, seminars or courses to be carried out as a distance education application.